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J ournal of Toxicologic P athology R eviews



To be the Latin American leader in the field of Toxicological and Experimental Pathology. Promote a qualified discussion on human, animal and environmental health, in the light of the knowledge of Toxicological and Experimental Pathology (PT&E) , using an interdisciplinary and multiprofessional scientific approach. Actively seek interactions with associations and related scientific organizations, both national and international, as well as governmental or corporate institutions, in order to fulfill its mission.

Objectives | ALAPTE will seek to be recognized as an authorized resource by legislative decision makers, national and regional regulators, and by Latin American society in general, as an Association capable of helping in hazard assessment, risk analysis and in the study of different forms exposure of humans, animals and the environment to chemical substances.

Education | ALAPTE will seek to be a regional leader in providing educational and career development resources in Toxicological and Experimental Pathology (PT&E) to its members, organizations related to our area of expertise, and stakeholders. To this end, ALAPTE will promote courses, workshops, congresses (national and international), among other ways of disseminating knowledge, aiming to increasingly qualify our members.

Regional and Global Goals and Actions | ALAPTE is committed to generating quality human resources, with a broad scientific vision and focus on the areas of Toxicological and Experimental Pathology (PT&E) . Our active members will be from different university backgrounds (biomedical, medical, pharmaceutical, veterinary, biologists, among others) and will act as Toxicological Pathologists or Experimental Pathologists able to participate, always critically, in regulatory and health issues, regional and international. , with presence, influence and impact.

Recruitment objective | ALAPTE will work to expand its active membership base to ensure an adequate supply of trained professionals in the fields of Toxicological and Experimental Pathology (PT&E), with an emphasis on hazard assessment and risk analysis of chemical substances.

* Updated and approved by the ALAPTE Publication Committee on 10/27/2020


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