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Past events

LASTEP has as one of its main activities, to offer consultancy and services for the development of Toxicological and Experimental Pathology in Brazil and Latin America, within the educational area and in the training of specialized human resources. There is a shortage of good professionals in this area of knowledge in Brazil and Latin America. Professionals specialized in Toxicological and Experimental Pathology can and should act in the development of new molecules (drugs, agrochemicals, cosmetics, etc.). ALAPTE events, congresses, symposia and courses have this mission!

Professor Jonh Foster


The LASTEP International Workshop, held in March 2019, was attended by Professor Dr. Foster, from England, who has extensive experience in the field of Toxicological Pathology and development of new molecules. Dr. Foster showed us practical and applied examples of the importance of P&T in the development of new drugs and medicines.

Professor Wolgang Dekant


Professor Dr. Dekant, from Germany, who has extensive experience in the field of toxicology for the development of new molecules, was one of the guests at the LASTEP International Symposium held in March 2019.

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