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J ournal of Toxicologic P athology R eviews



The "Journal of Toxicologic Pathology Reviews" (JTPR) is a scientific journal linked to the Latin American Association of Toxicological and Experimental Pathology - ALAPTE. The JTPR is quarterly and aims to spread knowledge  of Toxicological Pathology and Experimental Pathology in Latin America, especially in Brazil. This area of scientific knowledge grows worldwide due to new molecular developments with different purposes, namely; medicines, agrochemicals, cosmetics and industrial products in general, seeking to diagnose possible toxic effects of these new molecules. The JPTR intends to occupy an important space in scientific publication in this area of knowledge, acting in a "continuous flow" of receipt and approval of articles and critical verification by peers (see Instructions to Authors). Scientific papers sent and approved by our scientific body will be gathered and published quarterly in March, June, September and December in specific numbers. However, after approval by the Scientific Consultants, the article will be immediately published on the JTPR page on the ALAPTE website. 

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